The Songs & Stories version of Musical Chairs is very different from the traditional party game where people and chairs are eliminated as the music is played.  At a Songs & Stories Open Stage the number of chairs usually stays the same, although sometimes we might add one in for another player or a instrumentalist.   

Here is how it works ... we start with Songs & Stories singer / songwriters in the chairs to warm up the room and play a few songs.  Open mic players sign up to play as they would at other open stage gigs and when it is their time to play they take a chair from one of the players in the circle, introduce their songs and play.  They may choose to offer the option to the remaining players to add in harmonies or instrument breaks or to just listen ... it's up to each player as their turn comes around the circle.

Depending on the number of musicians who have signed up for the open stage, the music goes around the circle and players swap chairs after a number of songs.  This dynamic works for any number of people and is similar to other open mics where the number of songs is determined by the attendance.


Songs & Stories Musical Chairs keeps the essential element of an open stage while adding the opportunity for musicians to have other players add in to their music with harmonies and instrumentation with the option to go solo if that is what they want to do.