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Song circles are not a new idea ... singer / songwriters sitting in a circle facing toward each other ... playing original music ... listening to each other and adding in harmonies and guitar breaks and instrumental embellishments.  The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee is a good example of this kind of gig ....

Check out this video about The Bluebird Cafe. 

it is an interesting watch



Songs & Stories began with a desire to offer a musical experience that was more relaxed and intimate ... where the audience and musicians are connected.  The stories behind songs are a window into the music and the writer's meanings and perspectives and when added to the performance make for an unique and authentic experience.

Songs & Stories is similar to the Bluebird Cafe idea, but is evolving and adding other elements as it grows and develops.   Some events feature the addition of instrumental players adding a dynamic to the sound the audience hears, a Songs & Stories style ' open  mic ' where open mic players take a chair in the circle with regular ' writers in the round ', and finally songwriting workshops where the song circle is the primary format for participants to apply what they have been working on with their music with feedback from the Songs & Stories musicians

What People are Saying about Songs & Stories

" We were thrilled with the success of the "Songs & Stories" event we hosted at our cafe and event venue. It was an evening of intimate and interactive original music which brought the music closer to both audience and artists alike. "  

John Carswell

Brentwood Bay Village Empourium
Brentwood Bay, BC www.empourium.ca

(778) 351-0178

" Songs and Stories is an intimate event that captures the essence and spirit of what the songwriting process is all about.   The musicians provide an insight into how songs are written and give the audience in attendance an experience seldom witnessed outside of their minds and notebooks.  Each musician's personality is infused into the performance of their original songs while the other's add in harmonies and instrumentation that makes for an especially heartwarming gift.  The creativity, and feeling of community I witnessed at Songs & Stories was awesome.

Nick Gilchrist

Sound Engineer  Sonick Studios
Brentwood Bay, BC        https://www.facebook.com/Sonick-Studio-1872323786183783/

Songs and Stories is a wonderful concept, that takes the intimate house concert "feel" to the next level.   You don't just get to watch, you get to be part of the process! 

The artists in the round freely share their stories, their songs and the chemistry between them with bouts of humour and wit as they take turns presenting their art. Whether they have played together for 20 years or 20 mins the instant connection between them is easy to see as they play off of each other and offer support to eachother in their music.

It's a great experience! I loved it!

Meg Keene

Ground Zero Acoustic Lounge

Parksville, BC   https://www.gzalounge.com/

Throughout these 20+ years that I have organized the Coffee House events at Highlands, 

the performance of Songs and Stories  was one of the best nights we have ever had. I know I myself enjoyed tremendously the music & the experience you provided, and I was delighted to see that the whole audience loved your performance and raved about you.  We plan to have you return again. 

Zhinoos Armstrong

Highlands Coffee House